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A collection of photographs by the sea and a series with a painting effect.


At Janeks Unique Photos, we specialize in capturing the essence of the sea and surrounding nature.  My photographs have a unique and artistic flair, with the use of painterly effects that give each print a dreamlike quality.  My collection includes a variety of images that will complement any decor, and our prints are available in a range of sizes and finishes. Whether you're looking for something that will make a statement or a subtle accent for your walls, Janeks Unique Photos has something for everyone.

8x12 View of the Sea Prints.

The place to go when you want stunning pictures of nature's most magnificent creations, including the awe-inspiring view of the sea.  My photographs are of the highest quality, capturing every detail of the beautiful and ever-changing ocean waves that create a calming effect on the beholder.  Every picture I take is unique, just like our customer's taste.  Explore the beauty of nature with us.

Matted print 8x12, $55.00

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