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A collection of photographed sunsets with a painting effect.

A photographer who strives to capture the beauty and magic of sunsets. My specialty is creating photographs with a painting effect, giving them a unique and artistic vibe. I believe in capturing every moment, and adding a touch of creativity to the stills. I am not just a photographer; I'm an artist with a camera. Look through my portfolio to experience the magic yourself.

8x12 Sunset Prints.

Sunsets have an irreplaceable beauty that can transport you to another world. Our sunset photography captures those stunning moments in time, and we create images that you’ll want to treasure forever. Our team at Janeks Unique Photos is highly skilled, using the latest equipment and techniques to capture the best possible images. Whether you're looking for a picture to hang in your home or a gift for someone special, our sunset photography is the perfect choice.

Matted print 8x12, $55.00

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