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A collection of photographed flowers.

I pride myself on my ability to capture the beauty of flowers in a unique and artistic way. Through the lens of my camera, I can highlight the smallest details of a flower's petals, capturing the vibrant colors and textures that make each one so unique. Whether you want a print for your home or office or are looking for a special gift for someone you love, my photos are sure to delight.

8x12 Flower Prints.

Our collection of Flowers prints feature some of the most striking botanic photography you'll come across. Matted prints are available in 12x16 with a print size of 8x12, making them just as perfect for a personal touch in your home, as they are as gifts for loved ones. With high quality prints on premium paper, decorating your space with Mother Nature's bounty has never been easier!

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Matted print 8x12, $55.00

Little Pink Flowers

6x4 Photo-art Prints.

I like these pictures of flowers because of the colorful shapes.  I took these photos with my Sony a6100 and my Nikon D60 through out the years in different gardens, parks, and places. I made these pictures into a photo-art.  When I see these flower prints hang on my wall and around my place, it makes me feel happy.

They make for great decor, a gift, and artwork for your collection. 


Please contact by email to order flower photo-art prints.  Pick a picture, type in the title of the print, complete the order, and we will send a request for payment. When transaction is complete we will ship or deliver to you.

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